Sanity requires:

Sanity requires one of two choices:

1)      A general sense of control of one’s life. This requires a healthy dose of denial and luck. And it can be work. 

2)      Embracing the ambiguity, chaos, and imperfection that life is. Letting go of inflexible black/white expectations. This does not require a sense of control or has to utilize denial, but instead it requires ingenuity, creative imagination, and the ability to wing it in the improve that is life. And it is work. 


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2 Responses to Sanity requires:

  1. A reader comments:

    The second choice you listed is known as “absurdity’ the philosophy advocated by Albert Camus (what I call the cousin to existentialism). And the first is what I call a subscription to dogmatic thinking. However the book I am referring to is not by the French Camus and looks at both these two sides, and is by a different French author Martin Page. It’s called “How I became stupid” and it’s brilliant. You need to read Martin page, he’s presenting the same “false dilemma” you presented with your “there are two paths to stay sane” but the message of the book was “third door.” The balance between Dogma and ambiguity.

  2. Dr. Brilliant Cliché replies: People tackle ambiguity with dogma, but you don’t need to is my point.

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