Evil dates and what I learned from a fisherman:

I have a pet blue gill bass. It is so much more interactive than a fish store bought fish. It maintains eye contact with me. It swims happily when I enter the room and follows my every movement. It even eats from my hands.   A fisherman I spoke to also has a pet Bass. What he told me is that these behaviors are all because it is a predator. Mr. Fish’s attention is on me essentially because he wants to kill and eat me. Where store bought fish are usually not predatory varieties they are more content in their surroundings, scavenging, and seem oblivious to their people.

I got to thinking how this relates to humans. In my practice woman often ask why am I attracted to bad men? I believe now it is because these men are predators. A predator pays attention to you. A predator is aware of details. A predator captures and maintains good eye contact. A predator appears in control and strong. These are all seemingly attractive assets as they are there solely to lure you in.   These traits can be easily mistaken for “chemistry or love at first sight,” BEWARE!

Where as a non predatory date, a more content with themselves date, might be more aware of their surroundings and what’s going on overall and not solely devoted and focused just on you. They might not hang on your every word. This can come across as poor “chemistry” and unattractive. Possibly even disinterested.

I find this fascinating.

As a side observation whenever I picture a predator I picture Trumps lurking behind Hillary, tracking her, during their debate. That was an awesome display of Predatory body language.


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One Response to Evil dates and what I learned from a fisherman:

  1. Cecelia Kelliher says:

    I found this insight helpful. My father’s brother was the first predator that I am aware of having met. He was charming and generous, but I remember his molesting me from a very early age. Since then, I have avoided sexual predators; but I have often encountered emotional predators. They want or need something from me and give me just enough in the beginning to draw me in. With this new insight I might be able to avoid, or at least limit, these painful relationships in the future.

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