No pain doomed to do it again.

Ketamine appears to be magic in the treatment of depression. 1 dose and depression gone. Is this a good thing? It certainly isn’t a new thing.   Years ago when I was in training they used to use phenobarbital to get people off opiates. A person would come in they would put them to sleep for 3 days while they tapered phenobarbital and when they woke up wala off opiates,  done,  no withdrawal.   Why isn’t it being done now?  Because there was a 90% relapse rate. Sudden change without the stepwise learning and skill acquisition was more or less useless and didn’t justify the risk of death the treatment had associated with it. Ect suddenly and immediately stops depression  but again most people given that alone relapse as well.  Are the risks and consequences, the side effects justified ?  Ketamine isn’t consequence fee it can effect most major organs might have long term cognitive effects and is wildly addicting.  When and if  it becomes standard of treatment there will be huge diversion issues. Suboxone was marketed as addiction and diversion free but it is hugely abused and diverted. If you add klonopin to it which almost everyone does it changes its metabolism such that it is turned into methadone  and you can get high off of it.  When it comes to human behavior  nothing is simple. Nothing is consequence free and the easy road is usually the wrong road. Pain and suffering is part of the learning process, without it people tend to do what they have done before.


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3 Responses to No pain doomed to do it again.

  1. Drug or no drug. says:

    I don’t think there is one magic drug for depression. Depression is caused by different things. Lots of women go through depression during menopause. They don’t want to be anxious or depressed, but their hormones are causing them to feel that way, and there is no choice of this depression.

    The problem with all these antidepressant drugs is addiction. People need the drug because they don’t want to feel depressed or anxious. The various drugs are offered or popular depending on the marketing and what they are telling people. That is how businesses make their money.

  2. Ken says:

    Pain is necessary. It is the guiding fruit leading us away from dysobjectivity, that unfortunate state where action is fused to reaction leaving one to ruminate.

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