Medicating grief:

Medicating grief, being numb, is a mistake. It is a necessary part of life’s developmental processes. It is part of the readjustment in ones brain for the new state of things, the redefinition of roles, routines, structure ect.
Those people who are generally caretakers for everyone else often feel they need to stay strong in times of grief and they often seek numbing medication. Again this is a mistake as it puts their eventual grief as it cannot be suppressed forever, out of sync with the rest of their friends and families. Once everyone else has adjusted and is ok, they tend to fall apart and start their grieving process.  Again it is part of the normal way our brains adjust so it cannot be bypassed forever.  Only now that is the last thing on earth anyone else wants to deal with as they have just started picking up the pieces of their lives again and now you are just annoying to them. The caretaker often feels resentful and “I helped them when they needed it why isn’t there anyone there for me!”  Numbness in any form , (Xanax, alcohol, marijuana, sexual diversion, shoplifting, gambling, over shopping)  is always a mistake.


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2 Responses to Medicating grief:

  1. It's Life says:

    I agree that drugs can’t take away the grief. It is just a temporary band-aide to the situation. People take drugs because they don’t want to deal with the reality of life. Life is easier if there is some to validate our existence and appreciate what we individually offer in life and feel a sense of accomplishment.

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