The communication gap:

We all have heard of the generation gap, Miscommunication and misunderstanding due to differences in ones point of reference and pool of general knowledge, in this case caused by 10 or more year difference in age. Unfortunately in our country there is a new ever widening gap caused also by a differing in one’s general pool of knowledge but here it is caused by not your age but by your political slant. Today one’s knowledge base and one’s entire bases of how you see yourself and the world around you is influenced and possibly entirely determined but what news programs you watch, what internet sites you visit, and what books/papers/magazines you read. Whether you watch CNN and public broad casting vs. fox and other entertainment as news  programming or headline news via the internet or your phone you are being subjected to entirely different and incompatible world views and differing views of reality.

I hear daily people say we are all US citizen’s and have to learn to just get over it and deal with each other but this is not actually so simply and easily achievable. It is like saying the Israelis and Palestinian’s are all middle easterners and should just get over it and move on and love each other. It doesn’t account for the fact that their entire basis of reality is different and incompatible with each other.

In America we have the ‘love will conquer it all’ philosophy but this is just simplistic and in reality doesn’t work, for example, as seen in our 60% divorce rate then 60% divorce rate again with a second marriage.   It takes negotiation skills, compromise, an in-depth understanding of the issues, and most importantly an identified mutual intent to be able to communicate across any divide, i.e. a lot of work.   Also it takes the acknowledgement that the bases of one’s reality might not be actually true to be able to acknowledge that the other side might have a different yet legitimate intent and world view.

The reason love doesn’t conquer it all in marriages or in any situation in general is that if your beliefs affect my well-being in terms of safety, stability, and economics then I have a vested interest in what you choose to believe. I therefore cannot be objective or all accepting without placing myself in the position of martyr and thus be harmed by your actions.

Humans have two brains, the left (data) and the right (heart.) What is true in one is not often true in the other. Both can even be true yet different therefore human reality is at best ambiguous. An example is a mom and her daughter are arguing, both actually are entirely correct but their reference points are different by age thus they can be both correct yet saying the opposite things. The best we can do as humans is to strive for some balance between the two realities but this ambiguity leaves room for us to be manipulated and divided. Appealing to the heart over data is the bases of “alternative facts” i.e. propaganda and nationalism.

Entertainment news like Fox cater to right brain, emotion, where Public broadcasting news caters to left brain, Data.   Their differing slants offer entirely different and incompatible realities. Each represents different political views and different candidates who reinforce these beliefs.

Which camp you ascribe to affects my direct welfare because who you vote for and support makes decisions that in turn affect my health, sense of safety, and now days how I feel life on this planet will be or not be in the near future. One camp says this is malarkey and not real data, just paranoia of the liberal elites. They say we are ok and don’t need to worry about it, focus on the real issues here and now. The other camp says if we don’t plan for the future there isn’t going to be a future.

Although the simple answer is both are true and both need to be dealt with but this isn’t the view reflected in the political conversation at current. We seem to be in an either or.

The source of news you follow affects everything you believe, it creates more of a religion than just information. The communication divide is real and widening and gaining momentum worldwide in the form of a right wing Nationalism movement. The Dominos are falling. Just letting it go will not work and is the wrong approach as denial helps fuel its progression.   Educating oneself, questioning what you think you might know and not taking any information as true until you research what the source is and their agenda is. This can allow for real conversations across the divide based on researched data. Try to establish a mutual intent as this is the basis of any relationship.


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