I have had Enough thank you:

When I was in school they taught me the more medication the better. They taught me to push the doses of medications until symptoms disappear then leave people on that dose permanently. Since the time I graduated studies have shown that treating this way with medications alone in 10 years people are worse off than before they ever started treatment in the first place.  This makes sense because discomfort and suffering is the energy that motivates change. If you remove suffering completely there is no reason to change and no energy toward the motivation of change.

Medications are fine but should only be used to the point of diminishing suffering not eradicating it. It is all about balance. You don’t want to be so depressed that you can’t get out of bed but you also don’t want to be complacent in a shitty life situation.

Often you will have to tell your Dr. enough is enough.   Just because I am depressed or anxious doesn’t necessarily mean I want yet another medication or for you to increase my dose.  Instead can you refer me to a behavioral counseling program?


About Dr. Brilliant Cliché

Dr. Brilliant Cliché and the Granny Dr. are a fictional web presence and advice blog. Together we offer a joint perspective that is deep but not academic, entertaining but not fluff, and educated yet street smart. By joining the internet community we hope to share thoughts and stimulate insightful conversation around pressing issues that affect us all. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. (This is not a site for therapy nor does it intend to replace medical or other professional care. ) You can leave comments here or email The Dr. at dr.brilliantcliche@yahoo.com and don’t forget to like us on facebook. Our facebook page is Dr. Brilliant Cliche
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