Complacency in apathy:

Normally I couldn’t be bothered by politics. I always vote for president but don’t really follow anything political until the papers and news headline nothing else. Normally I am complacent in the fact that it doesn’t really matter democrat/republican – different type of the same toilet paper, not different enough to normally make me care. I can be apathetic as the system is stable enough without my input.

This year is different. I like many others are apprehensive. Trump isn’t following the standardized rules. Where Hillary is playing politics as it has been played since the middle ages, Chess, Trump is playing Poker. He is betting the whole pot, the whole system, bluffing and constantly upping the ante. A strategy that is unfortunately working. I will be pleasantly surprised if he doesn’t win this election. If trump wins he will rapidly change the purpose of his game from chess to monopoly. He will buy and sell America.

Although the system does need change, Trump is not the change we need. He is anti climate – he wants to heavily invest in coal, He wants to privatize the prison system giving financial incentive the more prisoners you have, he talked of dismantling the federal reserve, He is against the electoral system but direct democracy removes all the protections our founding fathers created, He wants to leverage the countries debt and run our country like one of his businesses. He has bankrupted many businesses and doesn’t pay his bills on others. If he follows his business philosophy as commander and chief of this country when he leverages then defaults on our debt (most likely with Russia) it would mean either we all need to learn Russian or it could instead mean War.

I don’t care how much you do not like Hillary, You should FEAR THIS MAN. Now is not the time to be complacent or apathetic. Vote or it will be too late.


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2 Responses to Complacency in apathy:

  1. Ken says:

    What disturbs me is the growing disunity in our country. The late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.sought to unify people because he saw the value in humanity. The act of voting is itself a unifying force, representing a common behavior where, like it or not, we are risking our future by our faith in others. I suggest everyone carry a paper bag with them next Tuesday. I worry that for many of us Voting Day will feel like National Hyperventilation Day. Yet that would be better than violence at the polls which may discourage some from voting.

    • Front page news Militia is preparing for trouble as election nears , they predict civil unrest if Hillary wins… THIS IS TRUMPS FAULT AND HE SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE – under the homeland security act TRUMP is a clear and present danger , He is responsible for any violence that should occur.

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