There is so much to know:

Today’s great student question, “There is so much to know.  How do you know all of it?”

This is a great question but as reality is ambiguous you can’t know all of it, you will not ever know all of it, and by the nature of knowledge what there is to know will keep changing.

Nothing we believe now from science to history to the how humans describe the nature of god will be the same in 100 years or for that matter maybe even next year?

The idea that there is a set knowledge to know only relates to school as academically this is true as it is called curriculum but little academically ever translates into reality once school is done.

Something I was told when I was in school that turned out true is the moment you graduate that’s when your education starts and what you need to know you will learn over the next ten years post graduation.

Academic’s is a base. This is true in all fields. You learn the masters in art not to copy them but to understand how people have looked at the same things differently. You learn rules so you can master them, understand them, then play around with them later, maybe even change them.   Nothing is ever true such that it can only be seen or done one way.

Some examples in my education that show how things changed over time:

Early in my residency I learned a dynamic understanding of people and learned Catharsis or how to help people examine and understand their life via some overview. By the time I saw that this method really wasn’t changing things for people studies began to show Catharsis doesn’t work or lead to change.

Later in residency I learned strait pharmacotherapy and the understanding that behaviors happen via chemical imbalances. By the time I saw that this method wasn’t really true studies started to show that people treated with pharmacotherapy alone after 10 years were worse off than before they ever took the medications in the first place.

Now I am a fan of a behavioral understanding of people’s life. That as long as you do the behaviors that are consistent with the life you want to have (intent) then that life can happen. If you do anything else that is inconsistent with the life you wish to have then that life cannot happen. How you feel about it isn’t so relevant or related to the outcome. Medications use is  fine if it is necessary to help one to stay consistent to their defined intent.

Books written by people with Aspergers on parenting show this to be true. They might not have any intuitive instinct on how to parent or even direct feelings about parenting but as long as they pick one parenting book/plan and stay consistent with it over the long haul their kids come out fine or better than if they had parented by feelings or intuition methods. It wasn’t knowledge or feelings but intent based consistent behaviors that matter. Studies regarding consistent strict vs. inconsistent loose parenting styles had the same outcome. Consistent strict had a higher rate of success than inconsistent loose.

So rather than fret about if you know enough, memorize the base so you can graduate then open yourself up to learn, question and observe. My patients have taught me more over the course than I ever learned in school. And READ. Never stop reading. On multiple different topics, not just your specialty. Everything relates to everything else on some level so anything you learn in any one area will help you in ways you wouldn’t or couldn’t have predicted in another.

Good Luck…..


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One Response to There is so much to know:

  1. Ken says:

    Our agency provides a forum where “hypothetical” scenarios can yield better diagnoses and treatments than the provider flying solo with a tough case. A diagnosis born from an emotional hunch can be clothed in the same charismatic smoothness as one that came from sound research. The patient may not learn the difference until the damage is done. That’s what makes the point about intent so true. Doing things unintentionally doesn’t excuse the act.

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