GSAF vs. Hakuna Matata:

My daughter developed a fidgety habit of hair pulling and twirling which caused her to develop a bald spot. She then started becoming anxious about social situations fearing the spot would be seen by others. This led to avoidance behaviors. Tonight we had a long talk about how Guilt, Shame, Anxiety and fear can alter a person’s behaviors and start restricting their lives. “You can’t let guilt, shame, anxiety, or fear, determine your behaviors or you will stop taking risks, exploring, your world will narrow and you will get trapped by these emotions.” Anger and sadness can be added in as well thus really you can’t trust emotion.

They say trust your instinct but I say if you are going to trust your instinct you have to learn to question your emotion. Instinct is based on emotion as emotion is 12x faster than intellect. Emotion keeps us alive but can also cause our lives to be chaotic roller coasters. We have to understand emotional data isn’t data at all but is just what it is, emotion.

One has to learn how to let emotion pass and it always will. Emotion takes a lot of glucose in the brain to maintain thus it can’t be consistent, it can’t last. People try to make it last by passing it on to another. If my emotional crisis causes an emotional crisis in you then you can pass it back to me. But if you remain neutral my emotional crisis will die out as it can’t maintain entirely of itself, it’s to exhausting.

Science, Spirituality, and philosophy all offer variations of the theme, perspective, as how to handle emotions.

In science one can step outside on a starry night look up and ponder the vastness of the infinite universe. In relation to this infinity ones own problems are entirely negligent. In relation to the All they make not one iota of a difference.

Spirituality says to give up ones concerns to the greater all and have faith it will be as it is meant to be.

Philosophy says in 10 generations you and your effect on anything will be 100% entirely erased so again don’t worry as it really doesn’t matter.

Now these are only ½ the picture as of course on a local immediate level it does matter and we do touch others with our decisions, choices, and behaviors. Both are always true. Everything both matters greatly and matters not a twit at the same time. Hakuna matata (no worries), Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be.)


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