Nude photo requirement:

Dear Dr. Brilliant Cliché:

Why do famous people have nude photos of themselves in the first place? Is it a job requirement? I don’t know anyone who has nude photos of themselves??? At least not that they admit to. Does everyone secretly have nude photos of themselves and I missed something socially? Should I do the naked selfie now?

Naked and waiting

Dear Naked,

I have no idea!

Dr. Brilliant Cliché

Granny says: oh, please. It’s obvious. The one thing that nearly 100% of famous people have in common is that they are self-obsessed and want attention. This self-obsession is usually narcissistic in nature, and those who think that they are beautiful have GOT to document the evidence. Physical perfection is fleeting. What if nobody ever saw how beautiful they were? It would be like it never happened.

To be honest, I like looking at pictures of attractive naked people. They are like living statues, lovely in line and form. Of course, it’s a violation when a stranger broadcasts such pictures without consent, but anyone who keeps nude photos someplace where hackers can get to them, I can’t be that sympathetic.

Another thing- sometimes nude photos and sex tapes ARE how people become famous. Look at Kim Kardashian, for god’s sake. She has nothing to recommend her except for a silly voice that is dynamite fodder for SNL skits. Were it not for her “stolen” sex tape, we’d never know who she was.

I have one last observation to make about naked celebrity photos that go viral- the star in question is always drop dead gorgeous. Otherwise, no one would want to look.

Perhaps the best protection against stolen viral pictures is to get REALLY out of shape and never wear make up. Of course, then the Enquirer will be after you for its “Best and Worst Celebrity Beach Bodies” issue.

Sometimes ya just can’t win.


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