Elves on Strike:

A Hanukah Christmas / Chrismukah  story for the holidays!


MERRY CHRISTMAS  and Happy Solstice! 

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Dr. Brilliant Cliché   and The Granny Doctor   


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2 Responses to Elves on Strike:

  1. Ken Bryant says:

    Dear GJ,
    Happy late Hanukah. I’m glad Harry came to the rescue and I think he knows what to do. Here’s some of the problems with being an elf. Location, location. location. First, any elves qualifying under the ADA will never have RIDE transportation to the Pole. ( You have to be 3/4 of a mile within a public bus route to have RIDE service.) Secondly, elves make toys all year and most of them I have seen (not counting the women elves) have beards. So here they are, adult elves, isolated by snow-closed roads and surrounded by age inappropriate things to do. Harry, can you stock the Cadillac with adult fun stuff?

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