my kid lies

Here is a post from our newspaper blog. I didn’t want any of our readers to miss out especially if your dealing with one of these kids.


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One Response to my kid lies

  1. Ken Bryant says:

    I think its a good idea to find out how long the lying has been going on. Are there new friends, motives, behaviors, activities? Usually, a parent gets a clue when someone starts acting differently. Its interesting the mother hears about these grandiose lies Tricia is telling at school. Little exaggerated lies kids tell at school to impress peers are one thing and a parent would know their child’s history of this behavior. If a child had a history of this outlandish lying, how could the parent have just become aware of it now? It sounds like something has happened to Tricia. If she is not talking with adults and saying gross lies to her peers, she might be under pressure to hide something if a new group she is hanging with is up to no good. However, if Tricia starts telling these wild lies to everyone, there may be a completely internal problem here. I don’t know when psychosis begins developmentally, but if it begins at puberty, then Tricia may be having sudden problems with reality. In that case, medication along with therapy might be very helpful.

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