Fake national health insurance:

Dear Dr. Brilliant Cliché;

I am watching the new Obamacare stumble into place and it is blowing my mind. The website won’t work,
People who were told they’d be able to keep their same policies are finding that they have lost their old insurance
and their new policies are more expensive. No one is happy with it. It seems like a big fiasco.

But the government spokespeople are steadfastly maintaining that everything is fine.

If a company tried to launch a new product line and made the same errors that the government did with Obamacare, they’d fall flat in the water. Business analysts would jump on their incompetence.

How come the government is so uncritical of itself?

Carrie Nation

Dear Carrie:

I am really not qualified to comment on government issues because It isn’t my field of study but I will say two things:
Once people get involved, good ideas never pan out in practice the way they looked in theory. Just look at socialism and communism. Equality for all – right! Even the national socialist party started out with good ideals before it degenerated into The Third Reich.

My boss today made a good point. He said if you want to see how government involvement works in health care, take a look at Medicare. It’s a federal health insurance program and it is extremely dysfunctional- out of money, so poor in reimbursements few doctors will even accept it…and high co pays to boot. This is the way all insurance will soon be going. Good luck we all will need it,

Dr. Brilliant Cliché

Granny says: Obamacare reminds me the Spanish Inquisition of 1478. They started out with the intent of ensuring the orthodoxy of the church…and somehow they ended up torturing and imprisoning all sorts of people and burning them at the stake.

I’m no authority on any of this either, but there is something wrong with a government whose idea of improving health care is to force everyone to buy insurance if they don’t want to be fined. The health care we are getting with this insurance is appallingly inadequate considering the inflated costs. Not a single thought has gone into reforming the health care treatments we will be forced to use. This was not a change for the better.

I have seen national health care in action in Taiwan and it’s a wonderful thing. When you get sick, you get taken care of for almost nothing. All you need is a clinic card. And they don’t tax the living crap out of people the way they do here. I once asked my son, who lives in Taoyuan, how their country managed to do this. He said, “we don’t feel as much of a need to bomb people.”

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One Response to Fake national health insurance:

  1. A large part of governing is the manipulation of information: a lot of this new and improved health care is really the veiled undoing of the Medicare system to which the government has been trying to get out of for the last 12 years at least. At first it seemed this was purely a republican agenda but it’s the democrats that seem to have succeeded.

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