Faith does not mean blind:

Dear Dr. Brilliant Cliché, 

At church this Sunday the sermon was on how God manifests though other people and your relationships with them. The idea was that we should always have faith in others and try to establish rapport. However, just recently when I practiced this philosophy and gave someone the benefit of my doubt, they ended up stealing $20,000 from me.  I understand the world would be a better place if we all trusted each other but HOW CAN WE? 

Still pissed off 


Dear Pissed,

 The sermon you heard in church was not wrong but it isn’t the whole picture either. Reality is always a duality. While it is true that we should all love each other, it is equally true that people are trying to screw you.

What it comes down to is that common sense should always apply. You need to make clear choices and decisions in this ambiguous world. It’s nice to hear messages of peace and love and it’s nice to practice them too. But it is never an excuse to let anyone take advantage of you, disrespect you or manipulate you. 

Remember: if you keep your eyes closed you will run into a wall, no matter how strong your faith. 

Dr. Brilliant Cliché


Granny says: people don’t have to be stupid while they are establishing rapport and hoping for the best. The flaw in the sermon you heard was that it assumed that people would be using practical judgment as well as having faith. It failed to mention the importance of common sense.

Lesson # 1: in business, whether you are on good terms or bad with those you deal with, a background check on credentials, along with a solid contract, is standard practice. If someone is legitimate, they will accept such details as a matter of course. If someone is trying to rip you off, they will react emotionally to any request for credentials or contracts. This should tip you off that the guy intends to “manifest” as a thief. No reason you should have any faith in that. 






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