A Hanukkah Story

Every year I write a Hanukkah story for my daughter and post them for my readers.  Enjoy and happy Hanukkah!

The Absconding Elf:

There once was a bad elf. He went house to house, asking if any toys needed repair. He would then take both the toy and the money to fix it, and abscond, never to return. He left behind many a disappointed and sad child. They even believed this meant that there was no Hanukkah Harry or Santa Clause! For how could there be, if this bad elf was left unpunished?

Unbeknownst to them, this bad elf was indeed noticed by the magical powers that live in the icy lands up north (or the sunny and humid lands down south, depending on your persuasion.)

In fact, a conference call was made from the North Pole to the southern tip of Miami Beach Florida. Hanukah Harry and Santa thought hard about what to do with this Elf.

“Throw snowballs at him,” offered Santa.

“Have a Land Shark visit his house?” offered Harry.

In the end they decided to use a more local solution.


This absconding elf had taken money to fix each toy. He was not only supposed to fix the toys but he was also supposed to report the money on his taxes. Both Santa and Hanukkah Harry agreed that this elf probably wasn’t doing what he was supposed to. So they called the IRS, whose job it was to make sure people and magical beings paid their taxes.

The IRS did their job very well. They sent a big moose around to check on the elf and found he was indeed cheating on his taxes. So, the moose carted him off to jail. There, the absconding elf was put to work. Did you guess doing what?

Yes! He fixed all those toys he’d collected from the girls and boys.  Hanukkah Harry and Santa then gathered up these toys and personally delivered them to the children who’d been disappointed.

Now all could have a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.




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