An eyebrow for an eyebrow:

Dear Dr. Brilliant;

My wife has always had a natural look but since moving from the city to the suburbs it suddenly struck her that she has not seen a single woman who did not tweeze her eyebrows. This made her self-conscious and she began experimenting with tweezing herself until I said “what are you doing??!!” It just didn’t match the rest of her style; it made her look like she had some kind of thyroid condition.

I see other women tweeze, color, line tattoo etc… and I can’t help but think that if you go ‘fake me over’ part way you have to do everything otherwise it just looks out of place. I like my wife best looking like herself.

I guess my question is: who are these other women primping and going plastic for? I find the unnatural look a real turn-off.

Exactly who is getting turned on by it?

Ken Barbie

Dear Ken,

Hair alone is a billion dollar beauty industry. Think what is spent in total if you add in every other body part woman fuss over.

Body adornment has been done since prehistoric times.  Women are doing it for themselves to feel beautiful, empowered, and free but woman are also trapped by it.

The problem, as your wife noticed, is that it really isn’t a choice. You do get judged by what you look like and how you dress. It will affect jobs, relationships, social standing, etc.

Your wife must be self employed to have escaped lookism and you yourself are a rarity.

Media dictates cultural norms and since we live in an economy that is fueled by buying things, natural is “shocking” and enhancement is the norm. Naked is against the law.

So to answer- who is getting turned on by eyebrow tweezing? – stock holders in the beautify industry, my good man. So invest in vanity and you will be turned on by it too.

Dr. Brilliant Cliché

The Granny Doctor would like to point out that Vanity is not just the name of women any longer. Men have facelifts, get their brows tweezed, get those nails done, even wear makeup… and all for the same reasons. It’s just that, being men, they are less honest about it.

Quite a few people get turned on by physical attractiveness, as is witnessed by the booming fashion and movie industries. I think we are all attracted to perfect, pretty things. It can be a welcome relief sometimes from the frustrating, and often ugly tension and trials of life.

Here is another reason women color their hair as much as they do- it is the ONE thing about aging that we can control with absolute certainty and only occasional effort. And compare the cost of a bottle of dye to the cost of plastic surgery. Aesthetically, it’s pretty and it can also be fun. I don’t think the rest of the “fake” package has to go along with it.

I have never tweezed my eyebrows, nor do I wear lipstick or eye makeup; I’ll never get liposuction or go under the knife. But I dye my hair. It makes me happy. It makes a dark day brighter, just like those twinkly Christmas lights. It sure beats heroin.

The dark side of the commercial beauty and fashion trade is that it features women who are genetic anomalies and enhanced beyond anything that could exist in reality. None of us can stand in front of a wind fan all day with a makeup artists retouching us as our mascara runs and our lips smear. None of us can dress or look like that and still continue working 16 hour days, with kids.

But ornamentation is an art as well as an exploitation. The potential, as always, lies in the hands of the user.


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