End of the world Dec. 2012:

Dear Dr. Brilliant Cliché,

It’s the third person I met in the last month who is stockpiling guns and ammunition for the expected 2012 Armageddon next December. Are they crazy or am I missing something? He said today the one thing you really need when anarchy hits is a gun as your neighbors (me) will be your greatest enemy. I have to say these are all nice people otherwise. In all ways I know them to be otherwise normal.

Should I run


Dear should I,

Ever since the advent of religion someone has been expecting the world to go down in flames. After the great depression my grandmother stockpiled provisions until the day she died. Weird stuff too; if Armageddon did hit we were all set with toilet paper, bags, and canned peas.

The doomsday callers aren’t going to go away anytime soon. The main problem here is that statistically the highest risk factor for getting shot is owning a gun.

I will concede that if Armageddon does come it may be absolutely true that you’ll have to shoot your neighbor for his peas; in fact it’s part of the definition of Armageddon.

The thing is- the translated and mutated mythical predictive Mayan calendar is about as real and foreboding as the Peanuts comic strip’s anticipation of the Great Pumpkin.. With all of our advanced technology, we still have trouble predicting the weather. How can anyone be certain about the end of the world?

In fact we have no real idea what the Mayan calendar is all about. Why is this one myth suddenly out shadowing all others that forebode? What happened to my favorite Nostradamus predictions… or for that matter Y2K? Can you say blockbuster movie, 2012?!

What I think is scary is how a movie and media can influence your neighbors behavior to the point where he is ready to shoot you.  This only goes to show that those studies which said TV isn’t an influence on violent behavior need to be re examined.

Go build you’re shelter and don’t forget those canned peas.


Dr. Brilliant cliché


The Granny Doctor thinks it’s great fun to anticipate the end of the world. It eliminates the need to worry about those pesky credit card debts. It’s a great excuse to eat that extra piece of pie… or join a monastery. It’s also a great retort for teenagers whose moms are nagging them to clean their rooms.

I suspect that when the world is about to end, we won’t have to guess at it. And, when that day comes, if my neighbor wants to shoot me to get my canned peas, he’s in for a big surprise. I have none; although I do have a rather large assortment of canned soup. Just in case the end of the world takes longer than I think.

People who are weak tend to panic easily. That’s why they need guns. But since survival of the fittest sort of works against them anyway, they really should take notice of that high risk factor for people who keep firearms.


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