Black Friday to glittery Christmas:

Dear Dr. Brilliant Cliché,

It is early November and I am in a specialty toy store. There is a woman fretting over getting her four year old the ideal Christmas present. She has lots of catalogs with items the child circled and she is driving herself frantic trying to decide. Is it me or is she nutz???


Black Friday


Dear BF,

This woman is teaching her child there is a perfect gift and that material things compensate for life’s shortcomings.  The truth is that what a four year old really needs is your time and imagination. You can’t give them an ideal gift from a catalog as what they want will change every five minutes.

This woman probably watches AND lets her child watch way too much TV.

The best present for a four year old is a big box for their imagination. Use those catalogs to decorate the box.

This is compensation season where people try to make monetary amends for all that is ill in their personal world. Guilt translates into gifts. This is especially true since Christmas follows Thanksgiving and increases people’s exposure to their dysfunctional families. Christmas has to be a perfect day as it represents hope; hope that there can be a better world.

It would be far better for this woman to make a gift with her child than purchase one. The idea is to role model MAKING A BETTER WORLD not buy it from someone else and hope that it fits.

Dr. Brilliant Cliché


The Granny Doctor thinks the Beatles said it best- “Money can’t buy me love.”

Don’t freak out, parents. In the long run, your kids won’t remember Tickle Me Elmo. They will remember you.

Whatever you give for Christmas, wrap it up in your love. Madonna knows.









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