Forecast; Pessimism, nihilism, escapism:

Dear Dr. Brilliant Cliché;

The recession is getting to me, and everyone else I know. People who used to be generous are pinching pennies and putting off parties.

People who used to be relaxed and comfortable are looking drawn and don’t seem to get each other’s jokes anymore.

Our economy seems to be producing a state similar to chronic illness in our country. Yes, there are still the entrepreneurs and the thriving sectors… but they stick out like a sore thumb in this sea of protest and unhappiness.

How does a person balance a bleak reality with an attitude that isn’t completely unrealistic and blind to the picture? There seems to be an undercurrent of anxiety that needs to be balanced here somehow!

Betty Balance


Dear Betty,

I agree, there needs to be a balance. We were promised CHANGE, and it didn’t happen to any visible degree. It seems that things have only gotten worse, despite the efforts of the media to convince us it is better. Crime seems to be rising, jobs shrinking, and the planet itself is becoming volatile. Unfortunately escapism (i.e. Paris  Hilton, marijuana, gambling etc…) is also increasing.  The Occupy Wall Street and it’s companion movements have potential, but there needs to be more. We are all waiting. Music and art enraptured the sixties. More than likely something from the world of media and advertising will ignite the spark now.

How does one find balance in the meantime? The same way as always- identify and
focus on your own intent. Make sure you don’t lose sight of it. This is relevant until the world ends. Having an intent doesn’t mean that you should ignore the world,  your existence has value too. Try to be the best YOU can be. That is most likely how you can
benefit the world as well, in contributing your own skills.

Everyone is a specialist in who they are! 

An article I just read offered another perspective. It explained that things now aren’t essentially any different than they were in the past; there is always some crisis going on. However,  in past we were less aware of what was going on. Today we are in the information age, where we are overwhelmed with information. We have not yet learned to sift through it all and decide what to filter out. There is so much atrocity and suffering in the news that empathy can make us sick.

More information doesn’t mean more knowledge, in fact, it can be just the opposite.
If there is too much to sift through then the more you have, the less you can ever really know. To see how true this is, just take a look at the spam in your email.

Dr. Brilliant Cliché

What the Granny Doctor finds interesting is that statistically, the United States is actually becoming LESS violent, not more. Crime is not rising, it is falling. The latest FBI statistics show that murder, rape, robberies and other serious crimes have fallen to a 48-year low across the country. Robberies were down nearly 10% last year and 8% the year before.

Twenty years ago, the murder rate for the whole US was 9.8 per 100,000 people. It has fallen by nearly half, although it is still twice the rate in France.

No one is certain of why this is so, but Granny thinks that the greatest danger to the American public right now is the paralyzing grip of despair and the loss of hope. This is why the OCCUPY movements, despite their lack of focus, are a step in the right direction. People are are starting to move.

I don’t think it’s as important for people to know exactly WHAT to do as it is important for them to start TO do. We just sat and let it all happen for too long. We are starting to ask questions. Maybe now we can find the answers. “Seek and ye shall find.” Good words. If you look for nothing, you find nothing. If you blame, you find antagonism. If you build and grow, you find movement and life. Never has it been more important for all of us to be all that we can be.
The Army knows. Let’s take that message home.

About Dr. Brilliant Cliché

Dr. Brilliant Cliché and the Granny Dr. are a fictional web presence and advice blog. Together we offer a joint perspective that is deep but not academic, entertaining but not fluff, and educated yet street smart. By joining the internet community we hope to share thoughts and stimulate insightful conversation around pressing issues that affect us all. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. (This is not a site for therapy nor does it intend to replace medical or other professional care. ) You can leave comments here or email The Dr. at and don’t forget to like us on facebook. Our facebook page is Dr. Brilliant Cliche
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