Please, thank you, sorry, for girls

Dear Doctor Brilliant Cliché;

Why can’t men admit that they are wrong? I realize this is a gross generalization, but I have to say that 99.9% of the time, it seems to hold true.

I have been in numerous situations where women were wrong about something and the words, “Ooops! Sorry!” were immediately uttered and the mistake was immediately corrected.

But put a man in the same situation and they will instead start making excuses, trying to act like the mistake hadn’t been made at all, or even attack me for pointing out the error!

Is this something like the male inability to ask directions? I swear, you’d think that their freakin’ balls would fall off if they admitted they were wrong.

Fed Up Frieda


Dear Fed Up,

What! Men!  We are never wrong! And sorry is for wimps! Why, don’t you women trust that we have your best interests at heart?

And what is this empathy thing? Can I take a hammer to it? That should fix it.

Oh, and thanks for cleaning up. I would offer to help but I am driving the child to
soccer practice tomorrow.

Men are more singularly focused- what’s done is done, I can’t change that, I am off to the next thing. Why do you want to go back and discuss that? Isn’t that a waste of time?

Woman in our prevailing culture are taught to say “please, thank you, sorry” and to always smile. “Boys will be boys”’ is a phrase we hear. Boys are often let to slack on customs and niceties.

Doctor Brilliant Cliché

The Granny Doctor believes that men wear horse blinders when it comes to blame because they don’t have cycles. Yes, women receive the social programming on niceties, but it is our menstrual cycles which give us a sense of returning events and causes us to view life a different way.

Men are of the mind set that things go away and never come back. Women know that their
periods will return every 4 weeks, like the full moon. They will go through regular hormonal changes and then bleed every month, until the cycle is interrupted by pregnancy, after which it will return again. By the time we reach menopause, the concept of cycles has become deeply instilled, and along the way there are certain things about patterns that begin to strike us.  We believe it’s important to take care of problems and to understand why things went wrong… otherwise they will come back to bite us in the butt.

Men get bit in the butt all the time. They refuse to acknowledge any responsibility or blame and they walk around getting pissed about everything that interferes with their plans.

I think this is all part of a very primitive gestalt. In olden times, a sensitive man wouldn’t be much use in defending the nest. Men needed that singleness of purpose in order to conquer things. In today’s world, men would do better to temper force with sensitivity, but they rarely do. This is why women often kick their butts in both business and personal matters.

Men will either learn, or they won’t. But in the matter of blame, don’t let the men get to you, honey. They’ll all be rubbing their sore butts soon enough.

Dr. Brilliant Cliché adds: yes, in days of yore men’s sole purpose was to impregnate then die (in battle or hunting ect.) Women held down the fort with everything else.
It is possibly why men to this day still create situations where they are apt to go out and die (in battle or hunting ect.)

There have been cases in which the women on both sides of the battle lines during a war went on a sex strike until the men resolved their issues.  It was the woman who saw the long term need for resolution and peace and felt that the actual conflicts were irrelevant. The men would have been happy battling it out forever.

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One Response to Please, thank you, sorry, for girls

  1. One reader wrote in:

    I have found woman need to be right as much as men do. A lot of woman I know keep redefining the issue until I just have to say , “ok your right.” I think men just move on and don’t spend time on it, that’s why they don’t think to apologize, they have moved on.


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