There once was a man from Nantucket………….

Dear Dr. Brilliant Cliché,

I am offended. TV, Movies, Radio DJ’s and a lot of the internet, it is all
vulgar. I don’t find the humor in it.

You said yourself in other essays, “Anything that belittles or degrades another is
not ok!” This common vulgar humor cheapens us all. Why do people stand for it?
Why do they find it funny?  There is no intellect in it, no whit, it isn’t even slapstick. Why is shocking funny? Why is a fart funny? Where are peoples self respect?

-I don’t get it?


Dear I,

In an interview a comedian spoke of how hard it is these days to find distinctive
and edgy material. He said there’s no boundary left untouched. Having sex with
dead baby dogs? Already done. In the old days just about everything was taboo
and saying “fuck” would not only get you noticed but land you in jail. But today? What hasn’t been seen on your TV or video game? Rape, incest, war, all prime time Fox News… family entertainment value! It comes with the information age; we get ALL the information.

Also with the pace of life on earth these days, most kids have too much unsupervised
time with the TV as babysitter. Economic reality causes both mom and dad to work; and little Johnny gets to sit home and watch a lot of TV.

The programming on TV is largely advertising. The actual show is rushed and
targeted. Potty humor is cheap and quick. On the average Johnny is probably
about fourteen years old and likes potty humor.

It’s not necessary for jokes to actually be funny because  laugh tracks influence
people to perceive things as funny whether they are or not.  This keeps Johnny’s taste level at age fourteen forever.

I am only guessing as to the reasons for our cultural decline but I can’t imagine
it’s any different than the reasons people flock to Wall-Mart instead of going
to higher quality local businesses for their goods. We will accept less if we are being told it is more. A laugh track tells us it is more than it is.

What is your guess? Oh – and turn off that TV…….

Dr. Brilliant Cliché

The Granny Doctor thinks the comparison to Walmart is off target- people don’t
flock there because they don’t care about quality… they flock there because you
can buy the exact same brand and quality at Walmart for less than the “quality” local businesses are charging. Or maybe you haven’t been forced to Walmart yet because you didn’t have enough money to get food AND school supplies for the kids at the same time.

So, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Is that offensive material out there
because the advertising media is feeding it to us, or are they feeding it to us
because it is what we respond to the most? Neither you nor I can say with any
certainty. I’ll tell you one sure thing about advertising though- they don’t
put stuff out that doesn’t continue to net them profits.

So my message to “I” is- if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Don’t buy
the products, don’t go to Walmart. This is about the only effective way of
getting your message across. Stop buying, watching or paying attention to the
crap. If you don’t buy, they can’t sell.

btw- sure, watch less, but don’t turn off the TV. Turn it onto the History Channel
or Animal Planet. There is some very good educational material on TV if you
make the choice to watch that instead of the crap.

About Dr. Brilliant Cliché

Dr. Brilliant Cliché and the Granny Dr. are a fictional web presence and advice blog. Together we offer a joint perspective that is deep but not academic, entertaining but not fluff, and educated yet street smart. By joining the internet community we hope to share thoughts and stimulate insightful conversation around pressing issues that affect us all. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. (This is not a site for therapy nor does it intend to replace medical or other professional care. ) You can leave comments here or email The Dr. at and don’t forget to like us on facebook. Our facebook page is Dr. Brilliant Cliche
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2 Responses to There once was a man from Nantucket………….

  1. H. comments: When I come home from a hard day at work, I have a desire to settle down with something humorous. Only I resent being forced to laugh along with the worst of human nature. Sure it’s funny but so is more sophisticated humor. Why must TV be all about the worst of us? Sure I can watch animal planet or turn it off. BUT I WANT TO LAUGH! It is good for my immune system they tell me. Animal planet isn’t.

    • Granny Dr. Comments :

      Dear H,

      They’ve started to play re-runs of 30 Rock during the dinner hour on cable. Check your local channels.
      Another idea for a good laugh- talk with the people you live with. Sometimes they can be pretty funny too.


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