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Dear Dr. Brilliant Cliche;

I have never talked with ANYONE about this. I am a male, age 54. I have a really small penis. I have never been married, although I’ve had several long term relationships. None of the women I’ve been with have ever told me I was insufficient; but I can’t help but wonder if they were just being tactful with me.

Have you ever had a client who was under endowed and felt self-doubt? I know that a
man is more than his member, but you know how it is- men compare. And women talk.
The men who are well-endowed always seem to have a certain self-confidence that I can’t imagine having. I think it’s somewhat like it must be for a woman who is beautiful and has a great rack.

Is this standard only in my head, or do you think that society really judges us on
our attributes?

Dick Little


Dear Dick,

Sure society judges, if society is media based bullshit. In real life women are less

It isn’t your member that is a problem it is your self-esteem, and driving a
Hummer or a hot sports car isn’t the solution. Over compensating for self-esteem
issues only attracts the superficial people you do not want in your life.

So, Dick, if you don’t act like a prick you will more than likely be loved for who
you are, not what you have in your pants. Remember: life also happens during
the 99.999999% of the time you are not having sex.

Turn off the TV, throw out the magazines, and dirty movies and get a hobby you can
share with your girlfriend, future wife, and future family. Take a hike with
them, play with them and learn to enjoy them.

Get your head out of your pants; it is not all about you and especially not all
about your dick. It is ironic how self-centered and narcissistic someone with
low self-esteem can be.

Oh and for the record- a woman born with natural endowments is in no way related
to her having good self-esteem. In fact it is most often the opposite. They are often treated like shit and with sexual expectations from men like yourself.  And Men with big dicks in real life are often painful to women so no advantage there either.

Find a new hobby it’s not small penises that are unattractive its self-loathing that

Dr. Brilliant Cliché


The Granny Doctor says- I’ll be honest. There ARE women who will judge you on the
size of your penis. Those same women would probably ignore the size of your
penis if your bank account were big enough.

Here’s more honesty. Of all the men whom I have known sexually in my life, the only
one who REALLY knew how to bring me to orgasm was a guy with a REALLY small
dick. But he didn’t have a hang-up about it. He concentrated on his other talents and so did the women who chased after him.

Learn to find your own best points and concentrate on developing them. This is one
opinion which I share wholeheartedly with Dr. Brilliant- there’s nothing that is more of a turn off than self-loathing and self-pity. You seem to be fraught with both. Worry about that, not the size of your penis.


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One Response to Members only

  1. A reader’s response to Dick Little:

    Dear Dr. Brilliant Cliché,

    54 and he’s never talked about his dick, ‘with ANYONE’?! For some reason the response, to me at least, seems a bit harsh given his admissions. while ‘dick little’ is likely a generated character, the archetypal characteristics of a self-loathing, narcissist with latent penis envy does not so obviously come across to me; your response(s) seem to address a character much further along aboard a penile inadequacy wagon. otherwise, I am really interested in what you might further offer regarding physiological understandings we as human beings gain (or lose) as we develop, more so just simply anatomical and endemic in nature. this might not immediately make sense, but maybe it does…by the time we are 3 or 4 or 5, have we, as men, prescribed to this ‘fate’, completely regardless of any applicable ‘self-loathing’ and ‘narcissism’ observations one might attach label to by age 54?

    Dr. Brilliant Cliché responded:

    Yes I was harsh, penile inadequacy, comes in a larger package of judgmentally superficial. We judge others as we judge ourselves and visa-versa even if it’s the just opposed superficial opposite. I.E. If I am small and insignificant (as a man) they (women) are large and all powerful.

    This is not ingrained but learned behavior. If at 5 yrs old one is tormented by the size of one’s penis we are talking serious mental health issues like delusional. Now if it at 5 yrs of age one’s penis is ones favorite toy, that is perfectly normal. At 5 yrs old one’s penis, toe, hang nail, it’s all the same thing. A child might fixate for a time on it then off to the next thing. How the child’s parents react mostly determines what actually gets cemented into the child’s psyche. Guilting or shaming will screw up a kid for the rest of his life and pay my rent.

    Dr. Brilliant Cliché

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