Gun toting idiots:

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Hold the press. Florida passed a “gag law” preventing doctors from asking patients
whether they own a gun!

What absolute gun toting conservative idiots! Owning a firearm is one of the main
risk factors for successful suicide. If physicians do not ask this question, it
is grounds for failing one’s oral board exam, as well as possible malpractice.
(See doctors caught in the middle essay – pending posting)

When will this country ever have any common sense? Why can people take their personal
idiocies and make them into LAWs???

Dr. Brilliant Cliché

Granny has something to add to this. There are articles which claim that over half of
the gun deaths in the US are suicides, articles which claim that people are
more likely to be shot with their own guns than they are to shoot intruders,
statistics that say that over 13% of women who buy guns end up shooting
themselves… and there are also articles that claim all these reports are
manipulated by people who are just out to take away our gun rights. Who can say
who is right? But here’s something that is true, whatever the case:

Most people buy guns because they want to be able to defend themselves. Not enough
of them learn how to handle the guns. Not enough of them are smart about
storing the guns.

Not all of them are emotionally stable enough to handle guns responsibly.

For most people, who will never need to defend themselves, having a gun in the
house is like having a minefield in the yard. It might protect you; it might
kill you. I realize there are responsible gun owners. There are also a lot of
dangerous idiots with guns.

We can’t legislate intelligence in this country, but it would be nice if we didn’t
make it illegal for doctors to ask patients if they own guns. The worst that
could happen is that a potential corpse or grieving parent could be informed
about how to protect their own health and their family’s safety. In what kind
of world is this a crime?

Dr. Brilliant adds to Granny’s comment:

The Law in this country determined that people can’t be responsible for their hot
“dangerous” coffee. How can they be expected to be responsible for their gun?


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2 Responses to Gun toting idiots:

  1. One reader commented:

    Your blog is truly extraordinary. Thank you for your efforts.

    Regarding your post “Gun Toting Idiots”; in the past 90 days rural central Indiana has had one teen charged with attempted murder after shooting a classmate in school, and now an 11-year-old whose trial may be moved to adult court and he may be tried as an adult for killing his younger brother. These two boys were left alone in a house with a gun that was accessible.

    Do you think an 11-year-old should ever be tried as an adult? Too early to say where the judge and prosecutor are going with this, but frankly I’m disturbed that this question has even been raised. Indiana law allows a child of age 10 to be tried for murder, but fortunately hasn’t done so for 90 years. Consider that question for a future post.

    But I am amazed at those who think the solution for gun violence is more guns.


    Bob Rosenbaum, MD

  2. Dear Bob,

    Thank you for your comment. I will indeed address this question in a new post as it is an important one. The ASAP (American Society of Adolescent Psychiatry) recently lobbied for and won the repeal of the death penalty for adolescents. Most of the science they used applies to this question as well. (See pending separate post)

    Thanks again for reading,

    Dr. Brilliant Cliché

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