Osama, Obama, your Mama and a Llama:

Qualifier: A lot of people have written on whether it was good for America to Rejoice on Osama’s death. I was going to skip this well weathered subject/controversy but someone asked and we pledged to answer any legitimate question so here is my opinion. It is just that an opinion.

Dear Dr. Cliché 

It seems the world is rejoicing now that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. But at the end he was just an old guy in a stocking cap watching a shitty little TV.
I don’t understand what people are rejoicing about. Do they think this is the end of terrorism? Do they think it changes anything?

When Obama was elected president, everyone was elated because they saw it as a symbol of real change. But as life went on and reality closed in, 
the guy still had to deal with the existing political structure and it threw many a wrench into his shining hopes for a reformed America.

Not saying this is like Obama getting elected, but how powerful IS the symbol of Bin Laden, that his death is affecting people in such a way?
Is something like this a potential for real change?

Hope Full

Dear Hope;

First the world isn’t rejoicing, some deluded Americans ARE. Killing a symbol is just that- killing a symbol. It’s a propaganda move.  Not that he shouldn’t have been killed but the timing is a few years off. If even a fraction of all the military cash and resources that have been put into the middle east since 9/11 were invested upfront to have Osama and his accomplices removed, the war could probably have been avoided. The USA might be in a very different place right now. 

As far as Osama being an old guy watching TV, he was about as benign as Attila the Hun (another old guy with dreams of world conquest).  Osama represents one of many players in a chess game that started after WW2. With the fall of English imperialism many countries once run by England were divvied up and subsequently became enemies. America entered the game opposed to Russia and each player used these divisions as pawns in their own struggle.

Now China has replaced Russia as our behind the scene enemy. The third world has been divided into chess pieces on the playing board.  These third world pawns do not even know they are pawns. Osama is a mere distraction; in fact the Middle East may be but a mere distraction. Our real rival is China. This is why we can’t pull away from oil. We have the technology right now to do so but if we did it would shift all the Middle East alliances and money to China.

So, to answer your question “can Obama lead to change, can the death of Osama lead to change?” –absolutely not. We have yet to reach stale mate as we did with Russia. The game is yet afoot.

Dr Brilliant Cliché

Granny Doctor adds: I try not to discuss political issues because I seriously doubt if any of us knows enough about what is really going on to be able venture an informed opinion. However, I know something about people: they need a cause in order to rally. No one ever just does it on a whim. Few of us have true leadership potential, so the removal of a figurehead might be seen as a major setback to the army of sheep who are following.

But I’m guessing something here. I’m guessing that the World Terrorists are not made of the same ilk as the complacent silent majority sheep we have come to know in America. I’m also guessing that the followers of Osama Bin Laden are not the only terrorists out there and even if they were, terrorists by nature are rampant with righteous energy. The energy of a terrorist group will not die out when a figurehead is decapitated; it will just grow another head, like the Hydra. We could all learn from Greek mythology.

The one sure thing in life is change. Will things change? Absolutely. Will they change for the better? We can hope; but we are whistling in the dark.

Dr Brilliant cliché adds:   I would add that those we see as being evil terrorists, perceive themselves as being righteous. To them we are the evil imperialists; and the last time I checked, we were acting pretty much like evil imperialists.


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4 Responses to Osama, Obama, your Mama and a Llama:

  1. Nathan D. Miller commented on your post.

    Nathan wrote: “what’s all this “we” shit? yes, china is the new soviet union. right. sounds like something george will would write on a slow news day. americans in general should get over the “we” bullshit. america (the government that flits about the world like the bubonic plague) has nothing to do with the vast majority of people who live in america. sure, there are plenty of gormless cheerleaders running about waving flags, but they might do the same thing for the indianapolis colts. this was a stupid question to ask and an even stupider one to answer. the granny doctor answer at least makes sense. the first answer is beyond satire.”

  2. Dear Nathan,

    I agree that there is no “we”… but as the Granny Dr. says “Until the vast majority of people in America abandon their role as “the silent majority”, they take pot luck on whoever DOES speak up!”

    Dr. Brilliant Cliché

  3. T. says:

    Sounds like a pretty good argument to me, Dr C. Pawns and symbols indeed.

    Also, Granny, you’re on the money with your comment about terrosists: “I’m also guessing that the followers of Osama Bin Laden are not the only terrorists out there and even if they were, terrorists by nature are rampant with righteous energy.” Look at what happened in Norway just a few days ago. The Right wing terrorist, Breivik, is no different from any other we have come to know.

  4. Dear T,

    Yes, so sad. I was just looking at the photos on yahoo news. Such a waste. 15 and 16 year olds…..

    Dr. B.C.

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