The Queue:

First I would like to thank everyone for submitting excellent thought provoking questions. It has really made the blog both inspiring to read and fun to do. People have been asking me about the long turn around time regarding responses. So I wanted to explain the mechanism regarding this. ALL questions submitted will get answered but they go into a queue. The more questions we get the longer the queue. I do not necessarily answer questions in the order they come in as to prevent solely one topic running for to long a period of time or for the blog to focus on any one person. The long turn around time serves then two purposes. First , long turn around insures that the whole community is stimulated and informed; not any one person can dominate the floor. The second purpose is to emphasize that this blog is not for the purpose of therapy. This blog comes with a warning: immediate turn around could encourage codependence! We do not want a therapeutic relationship with our readers… our mission is an exchange of ideas to benefit the general community.

Keep those questions flowing and keep forwarding our blog to your friends.

Thanks again,

Dr. Brilliant Cliché

About Dr. Brilliant Cliché

Dr. Brilliant Cliché and the Granny Dr. are a fictional web presence and advice blog. Together we offer a joint perspective that is deep but not academic, entertaining but not fluff, and educated yet street smart. By joining the internet community we hope to share thoughts and stimulate insightful conversation around pressing issues that affect us all. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. (This is not a site for therapy nor does it intend to replace medical or other professional care. ) You can leave comments here or email The Dr. at and don’t forget to like us on facebook. Our facebook page is Dr. Brilliant Cliche
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